1913 Fashion Photos and an Ivory Soap Advertisement

1913 Fashion Photos and an Ivory Soap Advertisement

Isn’t this Ivory Soap ad a classic? “Yes, it will wash if you use Ivory Soap and a little care… Ivory Soap 99.44% pure”.

Following that advertisement is a page of photographs illustrating and describing fashionable embroidered frocks for the summer season. I made a few scans, to make sure that I got all the wording and details! I love the elaborate gowns of eyelet and French embroidery (and a tip from the this page: “We all know that large eyelets are more neatly made if carefully run twice before cutting…”).

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Professional WordPress nerd. Lover of all things older than me. I am fascinated by early 1900s labor and feminist history, and have a sporadic addiction to reading nonfiction about those things on Archive.org. I scan old photographs and ephemera when I get really super bored. On Etsy I sell vintage clothing that I got as part of an interesting trade deal a few years ago.

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