1920s Christmas gift buying tips and fashions

1920s Christmas gift buying tips and fashions

Here’s a 1920s article on gifts to give at Christmas. Because it’s from a fashion magazine, ofcourse the gifts are all wearable. Flapper hats and purses and accessories.

“Flowers are almost as essential to one’s costume these days as the dress itself”

Corsages could be store bought, or make them yourself out of georgette fabric squares. There was a heavy emphasis on describing different types of floral accessories, corsages, and fashionable accents.

1925 winter dresses: Jabot front frocks, long loose straight sleeves flaring as they reach the cuff… Silk crepe in chartreuse would be most desired.

1920s winter purse styles: A purse of beige antelope skin appliqued with dark brown lizard skin was described. “It’s permitted this season to show considerable originality in the shape of one’s purse

Unfortunately, I don’t have the next page of the 1925 Gift Buying Guide

A friend of mine scanned these pages from his personal collection, or had them scanned, and then died. I’m sorry.

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