A Pyography pattern ad and other Misc Gibson Ads and Ephemera

I found this advertisement for a Gibson Girl pyography pillow to be most interesting. This ad promises to send the buyer a Naan Plush Pillow Top in gold, tan, or light green, stamped with the Gibson girl design shown and ready for burning! This also has a special offer for a pyography kit for only $1.65. Sold by Thayer and Chandler, Chicago IL.

I wonder if any of these designs, finished or unfinished, still exist?

Also pictured is an advertisement for a series of Gibson prints, featuring the double “Telling His Fortune”, suitable for framing.

Again, a sketch of “The Flirt”, and a color portrait sketch.

Finally, a photograph of the artist himself, Charles Dana Gibson, at work in his office.

These were all on the CD that my boyfriend’s dad dropped by last week.

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