April 1917 issue of The Modern Priscilla – cover and first few pages

April 1917 issue of The Modern Priscilla – cover and first few pages

Apparently this ladies’ home and house keeping magazine’s issue was just published right before the United States entered World War I in April of 1917. The theme of this month’s issue of The Modern Priscilla was “Weddings”. I’m loving the old fashion advertisements in this end-of-the-Edwardian period women’s magazine, and also the embroidery and crochet lace patterns and tutorials.

I’m attempting to scan all the pages of this magazine. My scanner isn’t quite big enough; the margins of this old magazine are just barely as big as my scanner bed is. If you’d like a full resolution image, please ask me- I intend on compiling and selling prints for educational use.

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Jessica Kay Murray

Professional WordPress nerd. Lover of all things older than me. I am fascinated by early 1900s labor and feminist history, and have a sporadic addiction to reading nonfiction about those things on Archive.org. I scan old photographs and ephemera when I get really super bored. On Etsy I sell vintage clothing that I got as part of an interesting trade deal a few years ago.


  1. Gary Ortmann

    Looking for pictures of a baseball team named NCB around carondolet Park.

    • Jessica Kay Murray

      Sorry I don’t have any… 🙁 I would contact the Carondelet Historical Society – I bet they have pics!

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