Author: Jessica Kay Murray

Depression Era early 1930s Dress

This is a very elegant, classic, early 1930s dress that is in great condition considering how old it is!
Lovely long sleeves with matching fabric covered buttons that snap with a single snap. The back is constructed similarly, with sewn on faux buttons and a single snap at the back of the neck. A simple frill at the neck.

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Luxurious Christian Dior Robe

This oversized Christian Dior robe is so soft and luxurious, I almost want to keep it to myself! I believe it’s from the early 80s because of the tag and that it was found with a bunch of other clothing from that period.

As you can see, it’s dark blue and made of polyester and nylon. The “D” for Dior is embroidered on the left cuff.

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Gibson Girl Print Scans

Here are the last of the scans I made of the Gibson Girl prints from 1906. They’re captioned:
The Debutante
“A winning wave deserving note, is the tempestuous petticoat, a careless shoestring, in who’se tie I see a wild civility – do more bewitch me than when art, is too precise in every part.”
The Wall Flower
No Time for Politics

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3 Musical Gibson Girl Sketches

Here are three sketches by Charles Dana Gibson of lovely ladies playing musical instruments. A harpist, a cellist, and a fiddler. These prints are titled:

The Wearin of the Green – woman playing a harp
Then You’ll Remember Me – woman playing a cello
The Sweetest Story Ever Told – woman playing a violin

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4 Gibson Girl Prints

Here are the first four Gibson Girl prints from the portfolio “Twelve New Gibson Girls, hitherto unpublished” that I scanned for the Carondelet Historical Society as part of their efforts to digitalize their collection.

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A Complete Civil War Photo Album

Here are 23 highest quality scans of the second Civil War Era photo album that I scanned. This includes scans of the front of the photo album, the back, photographs of soldiers, men, women, and children, and of all inner pages. This file is about 530 Megabytes, so that should tell you how high quality these photos are! Scanned at 300 DPI, without watermark.

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Civil War Pocket Photos

Here are two Civil War era photos that came in small embossed leather covered wooden cases. They look like the size that could easily fit in your pocket, and one has glass on the cover, to show the woman’s portrait thru it. The interior is velvet and elaborately floral embossed metal. I wonder who these people were?

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