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Early 1900s St. Louis Photos

These were in a mixed album of early 1900s St. Louis photos that I scanned. One of these shows the civil courts building under construction, with just the steel beams up, which was completed in 1930 (so this picture would have been c. 1929). Another old photo is dated 1910 and appears to be a group photo of men in the Teamsters Union.

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Pictures from the 1927 St. Louis Tornado

Here is evidence in pictures of the destruction wrought by the huge tornado that devastated parts of downtown St. Louis on September 29, 1927. These pictures of the tornado damage were taken at approximately 1:15pm, and are the property of the Carondelet Historical Society (who kindly let me scan and post them here).

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The future of the pinup model

This entry is part 2 of 32 in the series CheeseCake Pinup Magazine - 1953

Where was modeling going in the 1950s, and what would future fashion trends hold? The main point of this article seemed to point out the sheer diversity of pinup models and beautiful women. An interesting picture was one of Rita Hayworth without makeup, and then made up. One of her movies, “An Affair in Trinidad”, was chosen by the National Photographers Association as “the sexiest and most provocative motion picture still ever made”.

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History of Beauty Contests and the Ideal Female Measurements of the 1950s

This entry is part 4 of 32 in the series CheeseCake Pinup Magazine - 1953

Did you know that the first Miss America was 5 foot 1, weighed 108lbs, had a 30 inch bust, 25 inch waist, 32 inch hips and brown hair with blue eyes? In comparison, Evelyn Ay, the 1954 winner, measured: 5’8, 132lbs, 37-24-36. Here is a chart and a picture to demonstrate the perfect female form of the 1950s, as decided by Vincent Trotta, a Miss Universe judge. He claimed that it was proportion, so a woman could be taller or shorter, just proportional.

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Sporty pink button up German label dress – BBW – L – XL sized

What a classic dress! You will get complimented on the unique lavender and pink buttons for sure. The accenting indigo and dark pink stitching matches the buttons, and adds those little details that you don’t often see in clothing nowadays. There’s sewn in loops if you want to wear a belt with this dress, though it’ll be fine without one.
No major rips or flaws; as pictured, the top part of the right sleeve appears to have some dirt or markings on it, but I’ve not tried to wash or get those out. This dress is in great wearable condition.

The outer label says “Futterstoff: 100% Acetate, Zu behandelin Wie oberstoff.” … with the American size 20.
The inner label says Qiana von DuPont 100% Polyamid.

I cannot identify the logo, but am guessing it’s German.

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Lavender linen summer dress with pretty embroidery on front – Small – Medium sized

Light medium lavender purple dress with lovely embroidery accent on the front. The woven fabric is really nice!
I’ve NOT tried washing it, so don’t know if these stains will come out. You could probably remove or replace the buttons. As you can see, it also has some fading or deodorant under the arms, which shouldn’t be noticeable when wearing it.
It zips up the back with a purple zipper and has an ILGW tag inside.

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