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Aircraft and Dirigibles used in World War I

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Liberty’s Victorious Conflict

Here are some pictures of air planes used in World War I, and even one of a dirigible guarding the English coast! Military use of airplanes was still very new at this point, and shown are a picture of an English plane crashed into a tree and a German plane that was brought down near Marne. I think the photo of a raider dropping a bomb is just amazing for this time period, the caption says the photo was captured by an accompanying plane. Another interesting arial photograph is one of a World War I American Air Squadron in flight.

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French Look Bust Wires Instructions

These “French Look Bust Wires” were interesting to shoot… not because of the wires themselves, but the instructions for fitting any bra or garment to make a “French Look” of the quintessential cone shaped bust shape of the 1950s. It promises support and uplifting, and the instructions are illustrated with 3 easy steps.

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1958 Hilda Calendar

I was doing product photography for a friend, and couldn’t help but take a few extra pictures of this pinup calendar from 1958. “Hilda” is a “generously endowed nymph who casts propriety and modesty aside and comfortably romps her way through the year”. Each month has a drawing of Hilda, and advertising for Munger Linen (“‘Coverage where coverage counts’ When Hilda Rents Uniforms she calls Munger Linen”).

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Twill Weave to Yarns

This entry is part 2 of 21 in the series The Language of Fashion - 1939 Fashion Dictionary

Almost at the end of this fashion dictionary! I’m a bit relieved but also a little sad. I’ve learned SO much about vintage clothing identification and fashion terminology, but this is one of the most boring things ever to scan, because it’s like… reading and scanning a dictionary 😛 When I finish with this self imposed project, feel free to call me a total weirdo.

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Types of Satin continued thru Silhouette descriptions and illustrations

This entry is part 5 of 21 in the series The Language of Fashion - 1939 Fashion Dictionary

I find this fashion dictionary’s timeline of silhouettes thru the ages to be interesting, because people in certain eras interpret describe history differently than at other times. History is subjective, to a degree, if only because of the process of curating and deciding what to include or exclude in a synopsis. It’s interesting to see what a fashion expert writing this dictionary thought was important, and the descriptions they used, as compared to more modern historical perspectives.

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Nets thru Robe de Style, and information about Rayon

This entry is part 7 of 21 in the series The Language of Fashion - 1939 Fashion Dictionary

As I’m recovering from my wonderful New Years celebrations last night… I’m posting 18 more scans from the 1938 fashion dictionary, The Language of Fashion. These pages cover nets (continued) to Robe de Style, with several informative pages between, including a lengthy and informative page about Rayon. Did you know that (in 1938) there are four different processes for making Rayon …

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Different types of hats, illustrated and defined.

This entry is part 11 of 21 in the series The Language of Fashion - 1939 Fashion Dictionary

Among other things, these next 10 pages define and illustrate the different types of mens and womens hats. Special emphasis seems to have been placed on the types of hats that were fashionable for women in 1938 (including the halo, mushroom, skimmer, profile, sailor, Chou, cartwheel, and bumper brim hat styles).

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