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1920s Women’s Fashions Advertisements

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St. Louis advertisements for women’s dresses and hats from the August 1924 Fashion Pageant.

I like the illustration on the Gold Medal Hats advertisement, the best. The lady in a cloche hat and bobbed hair is draped with a shawl coming seductively off her shoulder, holding a feather fan. The birthmark on her cheek is in the shape of a heart.

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Full Color 1920s Fashion Ads

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This full color advertisement section of the 1924 St. Louis Fashion Pageant was delightful! There’s a full page ad for International Shoe Company with a lady wearing a green and yellow drop waist dress, a full 2 page spread for Rice-Stix, and finally a full page red and black advertisement for Garrison Wagner Printing Company.

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1920s advertisements – mainly mens fashions

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These illustrated fashion advertisements from 1924 are so interesting! These ads seem primarily directed to retailers, rather than the consumer…. I’ve not peeked thru the pages further than I’ve scanned them, and I’ve not researched the Saint Louis Fashion Pageant yet, so maybe it was more of an industry thing like NYC Fashion Week?

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St. Louis Fashion Advertisements from 1924

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Here’s the cover and first few pages of the August 1924 issue of the St. Louis Fashion Pageant, a local society and fashion magazine. This whole issue is filled with fashion illustrations and fashion photography from the mid-1920s…. flapper girls and cars! The roaring 20s were well underway, even in the slower paced midwest, and St. Louis was a major city.

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Last of the 1930s family photos

I love these cute pictures of children and babies, from the 1930s! It looks like they turned one of the infants pictures into a post card, and I’ve scanned the front and back of it. I’m finished scanning this album… and not sure if I want to scan another Modern Priscilla issue, or the 1922 St. Louis Fashion Pageant magazine… Thoughts?

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