Home Making a Business, and other pages from the July 1917 issue of The Modern Priscilla

Home Making a Business, and other pages from the July 1917 issue of The Modern Priscilla

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This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series The Modern Priscilla - WWI - July 1917

I think that the turn of the century business advice for women was just fascinating. It’s “The story of a woman’s success in adapting the materials at hand and developing from them a pleasant and profitable occupation….” . The middle section is about how to stop food waste, which in 1917 was estimated at $700,000 annually.

Paired with that article on how to make a profitable business as a lady, was a full page sugar advertisement for Domino sugar refinery.

The latest in interior design, including sample wallpaper patterns and the importance of selecting a good wall covering.

Finally, a story about how a resourceful young woman solved the issue of midsummer cooking and home decor, all while keeping cool and stress free.

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