Update: I figured out how to import Etsy to Woocommerce :-)

Update: I figured out how to import Etsy to Woocommerce :-)

I am very very proud of myself for figuring this out, as there were no tutorials on how to import Etsy listings to Woocommerce (which is a popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress).

I’ve written about exactly how to import your Etsy listings into a Woocommerce site, in my webdesign blog, KMurrayCreative.com  – this was originally written in 2013, so may NOT be current (but it’s worth a try)!

The exciting thing is that now I can keep on top of things better, and if I get into the flow of listing 5-10 items on Etsy, then I don’t need to manually copy everything over, and can just import my fresh listings after taking a few minutes to format the spreadsheet correctly… and who doesn’t need to save time? The main product photos are a little messed up, but I’m thinking this is just a spreadsheet formatting issue.

Incidentally, the import didn’t save the Etsy product links, so this site is officially a regular standalone ecommerce site – you can pay with Paypal without being redirected to Etsy.

Anyway, I know just recently blogged bemoaning that manually copying listings from Etsy to this site took so much time (cumulatively), and am so excited to have reached a win-win situation… I can spare 10 minutes of time, once or twice a week (or whenever I post 10-20 new vintage pieces to my Etsy shop)!

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