How to Measure for a Victorian Pattern – and The back pages of the 1892 Delineator Fashion Magazine

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Whew! Finally done scanning this lengthy Victorian fashion magazine! I broke the spine while scanning it, but atleast now it’s all digitally preserved.

These last few pages of this magazine include alot of advertisements and illustrations. Specifically:

  • The Metropolitan Catalogue of Fashions – a 2 page spread with illustrations of child’s dresses, ladies’ cloaks, boy’s leggings, ladies’ leggings, storm collars, ladies’ over-gaiter (shoe covers), ladies’ foot muff, and more…
  • Vaughn’s seeds
  • The Quarterly Report of Metropolitan Fashions
  • The Report of Juvenile Fashions (including a chromo lithographic plate)
  • Curling fluid
  • Many ads for Victorian money making and work from home schemes, targeted at women
  • The “Emma” bust developer – to enlarge your bust by 5 inches!

The final page, on the back cover, was an illustrated guide on how to take  measurements for patterns. This could be one of the most important and informational pieces in the whole magazine, since women no longer wear stays or corsets… and the instructions are considerably different than the garment measurement instructions for 1935 that I previously scanned.

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