Lace identification guide and illustrations, and I – Lambskin

Lace identification guide and illustrations, and I – Lambskin
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Wow. It amazes me how many different kinds of lace there are, and this fashion dictionary goes thru the pains to illustrate and describe some pretty obscure types! I hope that this is helpful for modern lace identification on vintage clothing and miscellany.

Lace identification illustrations and definitions include:

  • Alencon
  • Antwerp Pot Lace
  • Battenberg lace
  • Blonde lace
  • Bohemian lace
  • Breton Lace
  • Machine Made Buratto Lace
  • Brussels Lace
  • Arabian Lace
  • Bruges Lace
  • Crochet lace
  • Fiber Lace
  • Egyptian Lace
  • Chantilly Lace
  • Filet Lace
  • Guipure Carrickmacross Lace (who ever heard of this sort??)
  • Duchesse Lace
  • Maltese Lace
  • Limerick Lace
  • Mechlin Lace
  • Medici Lace
  • Hairpin lace
  • Lille Lace
  • Rose Point Lace
  • Point de Paris Lace
  • Renaissance Lace
  • Plauen lace
  • Machine Made Point’d’Esprit
  • Venetian Lace
  • Shadow lace

Whew- and alot more types!

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