Lyrics to 1930s popular songs

Lyrics to 1930s popular songs
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Here is another page of 1930s lyrics from the October 1935 edition of Popular Music Magazine. Unfortunately, I can only find audio to the song “A Little Bit Later On”. It’s so sad to lose voices of the past. Literally. The singer pictured in a swimsuit is Maxine Gray.


(Words and Music by Benny Davis
and J. Fred Coots)

Tho’ you may not know it,

You’re all that I need,

Its hard to realize you’ re mine alone,
Tho’ I may not show it,

By word or by deed,
If the truth were really known;


I’m grateful to you for all that
you’ ve done,

For chasing the shadows and bringing the sun,

For making each day a beautiful

I’m grateful to you, sweetheart

I’m grateful to you for sharing each

Whenever I need you, you’ re always
right there,

For helping along when something
goes wrong, 1

I’m grateful with all my heart,

For ending all my loneliness,

How can I measure your worth?

For bringing me such happiness,

And making this a heaven on earth,

I’m grateful to you guiding me right,

From out of the darkness, you
showed me the light,

For so many things, your tender love

I’m grateful to you sweetheart.



(By Al Stillman. Nelson Ingham and
Lee Gordon)
You are one in a million,
One million to one,
There isn’t your equal
Anywhere under the sun.

For ev’ry kind of hat or suit,

You’ll always find a substitute,

But honey, there’s no substitute for

The druggist from our neighborhood,

Has always something “just as

But honey, nothing’s just as good as

For others, I don t care a particle,

It’s my policy,

To insist upon the genuine article,

Which, of course, means you,

Though others may be kinda cute,

AllI can say is,

They won’t suit,

Cause honey,

There’s no substitute for you.


1930s pop songs

Maxine Gray sings as well as she looks – lyrics to 1930s popular songs


(By  Clyde Lucas and Lyn Lucas)
Listen to that conjure meetin’,
In that jungle glade they’re shoutin’,
“Congo, Congo”,
Zulu shouts and drums a-beatin’
While the shadows fade, keep

shoutin’, “Congo, Congo”,
Tropic night gets blacker,
Still they dance and yell,
Congo rhythm gets you,
With its Voodoo spells:

Hear the Congo rhythm,

Come and join in with ’em,
Listen to the Tom Tom,

While they’re singin’,

Ah, tho it seems romantic,

It will drive you frantic,

Just to hear the Tom Tom,
While they’re singin’,

Ah, Jungle Moon is shinin’ bright,
While they dance ’round the fire,
Savage voices chant all night,
Gettin’ high’r, high’r, hig’h, high’r,
How my heart is poundin’,

While the drums are soundin’,
Guess I’m goin’ mad,

With Congo rhythm, Ah!


(By Al J. Neiburg and Jerry Levinson)

Let’s put our cards up on the table,
And call a spade a spade,
You’ve found Someone new,
Who’s fascinatin’ you,
Let me warn ya,
Before your last card is played.


A little bit later on,

A little bit later on,

Just wait and you’ll see,

How lonely you’ll be,

A little bit later on,

Just wait ’til you start missin’

My huggin’ and my kissin’,

N ow baby better listen,

You’ll be cryin, BooHooHoo,

A little bit later on,

You’ re gonna wake up some dawn,

And open your eyes to a great big
surprise, baby.

Don’ t forget it,

You’ll regret it,

After I’m gone,

You better think twice,

It won’t be so nice,

A little bit later on.


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