Marilyn Monroe – the All American Pinup, and more advertising history

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Enjoy these pinup pictures of Marilyn Monroe, declared “The All American Pinup” by the 1953 issue of Cheesecake – An American Phenomenon. Jane Russell said that “Marilyn is the most female girl I know”, and her only flaws were “a slight thickness behind the knees”.

The next page declares that “American business will spend close to $1,000,000,000 in advertising alone. At least one out of every three advertisements will feature a girl, who is bound to be pretty, shapely, and appealing. She may not clinch the sale, but she will almost surely entice a customer in to a buying frame of mind… in advertising, there is surely nothing like a dame.” (… and now, I have that song from the beginning of South Pacific stuck in my head.).

Pictures from the next few pages include advertisements from the 1850s-1950s featuring pretty women, to show how very little had changed in the 100 years preceding Marilyn Monroe. I think it’s extra interesting to see the weight control ads from the 1800s vs the 1950s. Interesting advertising history!

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