Patriotic Pinup with an American Flag and Willys Jeep

Patriotic Pinup with an American Flag and Willys Jeep
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Amy W. was an awesome classic All American Pinup model in a blue halterneck dress, running around and draped in the American flag, posed with the 1940s Willys Jeep.

It was so fun to shoot her running around in the early morning sun, and try to catch the flag perfectly flowing behind her! We tried a red parasol sun-umbrella, and draped the flag over the Jeep. Afterwards, she rested and lay in the vintage Jeep, lounging and draped in the flag.

She did her own retro styled hair and makeup, since she is an experienced pinup model. I put a light Kodachrome tonal effect on most of these pictures. Tried them in black and white, but I am in love with the red white and blue coloring.


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