Photos from our Classic Car Photography Workshop – 2013

Photos from our Classic Car Photography Workshop – 2013

This was such a fun photography workshop to organize with Joann of Clean Cut Creations Vintage Auto Repair. I have always wanted to put together a “shoot out” event, after having attended several on the coasts. The fact that we chose a vintage theme and were able to round up some classic cars, made things extra awesome.

I provided all the authentic vintage dresses, hats and wardrobe, I applied all the period styled makeup on the models, and guided their hair styles. I was especially proud of Ashley Cancienne’s late 1920s look, which I styled by looking at old ads. She already had the short bob hair style to pull it off, and fit my vintage cloche hat perfectly!

I was really extra excited, because the styles I created specifically represented 5 different decades, with period accurate makeup and wardrobe:

  • 1920s – Ashley C.
  • 1930s – Linzy Anna
  • 1940s – Amilee T. And Amy W.
  • 1950s – Shooby and Nikki Bee
  • 1960s – Ashley C. and Anita

The “ghost” pictures of local St. Louis model Linzy Anna are not photoshopped. I used a long exposure and special shooting technique, which is physically demanding and requires at least 1 assistant.

I had a hard time choosing my favorites from this shoot!

In April 2014, photos that Joann and I shot from this event were showcased in a duo exhibition of our work at the 3rd Degree Glass Factory.

Please look at more of them, in my portfolio. 

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