Pinup models on a South Pacific Set

Pinup models on a South Pacific Set

This cute, humorous, cheesecake pinup photography set features pinup model Amy Mooney (Shooby Duwop) posing with a classic red car against a vintage beach backdrop. It looks like she’s on set of a 1950s beach flick! Later, pinup model Amy W. joins in, and they pretend that they’re lost on the way to the real beach (it does not help that they’re in Missouri, reading the map upside down).

Pinup model Shooby Duwop is wearing the red beads she loaned Nikki in the previous set, and red heels, with her own leopard print retro styled swimsuit. Her legs go on for miles!

Model Amy W. is wearing an authentic late 50s one piece swimsuit from my wardrobe collection, and looks just peachy.

Both pinup models did their own hair and makeup. I totally forget what kind of vintage car this is, but it’s the perfect red for a retro Kodachrome effect!

What a fun retro pinup set to shoot!

Buy prints of the best photos here. 

Buy prints of the best photos here. 


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