Redesigned this site!

I am really excited to announce the redesign of this site, . I think that this new design better showcases my huge collection of vintage magazines, catalogs, books, slides, and photos that I’ve personally scanned.

Besides wanting to show off the thousands of pages of vintage ephemera that I’ve digitized, I have been happily finding my career path with WordPress website design. I’ve been very busy lately, and it’s left little time to focus on posting new vintage fashions for sale. So much has come together for me lately!

To make things most efficient and to simplify my work flow, I’m now selling online exclusively thru my Etsy shop, with maybe an occasional deal on eBay (none currently, but be sure to add me as a favorite seller for when I do list some bargains). I totally removed ecommerce from this site, so now I no longer have to double post or keep track of inventory in multiple places.

July 27 and 28, I’m throwing an estate sale with my boyfriend and his business partner at the end of this month; I’ll be posting more info on that in the next few days (check out the FaceBook event). I am going to be selling alot of vintage clothing pieces for “at cost” or possibly lower. I’m hanging on to my high end and rare items, and giving up the delusion that I’ll have time to mend anything or post items with lower profit margins for sale online :-)

Anyway, enjoy the redesign!!



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