Retro styled pics with a vintage Oldsmobile car

Retro styled pics with a vintage Oldsmobile car

This 1970s dress was almost drop waisted enough to pull off an authentic 1920s look. The wide brimmed hat is from the 1930s. This vintage Oldsmobile is from 1931 I think. The vintage full length raccoon fur coat is from the 70s or 80s, although raccoon fur coats were also popular in the 1920s and 30s. I just had the model, Linzy Anna, pull her hair back in a classic low bun. She’s posed with an old suitcase, for a stranded motorist look.

Overall, I think these photos look artistically, mostly, early 1930s, though not true period recreation. They’re definitely retro fashion though! I look back now and see what I wish I had done differently!


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Jessica Kay Murray

Professional WordPress nerd. Lover of all things older than me. I am fascinated by early 1900s labor and feminist history, and have a sporadic addiction to reading nonfiction about those things on I scan old photographs and ephemera when I get really super bored. On Etsy I sell vintage clothing that I got as part of an interesting trade deal a few years ago.

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