The Florodora Girls & Other Musical Comedy Stars

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“Today’s musical comedy stars replace the Grecian bend of The Florodora Girls with abandon, and little else” reads the headline. It mentioned the famous gals who have come from the anonymity of chorus lines, including: Eva Tanguay, Ann Held, Bebe Daniels, Ruby Keeler, Barbara Stanwyck, and Lucille Ball.

The Florodora Girls set a standard of marrying wealth and position, and each girl conformed to the Edwardian standard of perfect feminine beauty. Each Florodora actress was exactly 130 pounds, 5 foot 4, and brunette. They made history and will be long remembered, asserts this 1953 article.

A dancer in Hazel Flagg, Sheree North, made a similar sensation in 1953, with her lovely veil dance.

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