The Language of Fashion: Dictionary scans aal through blotch

The Language of Fashion: Dictionary scans aal through blotch

Here we go! I plan on scanning and posting this whole fashion dictionary, The Language of Fashion by Mary Brooks Picken (published in 1939). If you’d like the full rez scans, they will be available for a reasonable price, when I finish. So far, only about 200 more pages to go 🙂

This starts with the letter a: “aal. Dye, red in color. Obtained from root of the East Indian Shrub”. It defines such interesting things as amice (a rectangular piece of linen worn by clergy), Ascot ties, Arrowhead stitch, Baguette-cut stones, baldric, barrow coat (a type of swaddling worn by infants), beaver (see furs), bengaline fabric, bindings (of various sorts)… and ends with blotch.

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