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Sporty pink button up German label dress – BBW – L – XL sized

What a classic dress! You will get complimented on the unique lavender and pink buttons for sure. The accenting indigo and dark pink stitching matches the buttons, and adds those little details that you don’t often see in clothing nowadays. There’s sewn in loops if you want to wear a belt with this dress, though it’ll be fine without one.
No major rips or flaws; as pictured, the top part of the right sleeve appears to have some dirt or markings on it, but I’ve not tried to wash or get those out. This dress is in great wearable condition.

The outer label says “Futterstoff: 100% Acetate, Zu behandelin Wie oberstoff.” … with the American size 20.
The inner label says Qiana von DuPont 100% Polyamid.

I cannot identify the logo, but am guessing it’s German.

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Lavender linen summer dress with pretty embroidery on front – Small – Medium sized

Light medium lavender purple dress with lovely embroidery accent on the front. The woven fabric is really nice!
I’ve NOT tried washing it, so don’t know if these stains will come out. You could probably remove or replace the buttons. As you can see, it also has some fading or deodorant under the arms, which shouldn’t be noticeable when wearing it.
It zips up the back with a purple zipper and has an ILGW tag inside.

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Rhinestone buttoned 1950s June Cleaver style dress – with matching cuff links

This breezy, beautiful spring dress is just amazing!
It buttons up the front with rhinestone buttons, and zips up the side with a metal zipper for an extra smooth waist.
The gauze is pleated and overlays a satiny lining (I believe it to be Charmeuse, as it’s shiny on one side and dull on the back).
Somehow, the matching rhinestone cufflinks have survived intact. In the picture of the side zipper, I straight pinned a cufflink, so you can see it better. The top button appears to be missing its rhinestone.

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Large comfortable soft blue cotton and linen shift dress – perfect for hot summer nights

The first thing you will notice about this dress is that it’s incredibly soft! Fully cotton lined, and the outer layer is a sturdier weave, but still incredibly soft. Perfect for chilling out!
It zips up the back with a nylon zipper.
It appears to have some stains on the front, but I’ve not tried washing it… otherwise it’s in great condition!

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Large bright psychedelic square summer dress, could also be used as a swimsuit coverup

Be square, in a wavy way. Purple and green psychedelic 70s print shift dress. It’s a very light weave polyester, and you will be sure to feel the breeze thru it! I would use it as a swimsuit cover up or beach dress.
It’s in great condition. Some wearing on the inside of the arms and neck, but outwardly in awesome condition.
You know you want this.

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Classic 1950s polkadot full skirt “new look” dress. Small-Medium, totally pinup style

This dress is amazing! It buttons up the front with dainty white plastic buttons (and matching cuff buttons). It has a metal side zipper that is carefully concealed.
The white polka dots on navy blue outer fabric is sheer and lightweight, and possibly organdy material. The navy blue lining is probably acetate.

No flaws, except some very light dirt around the collar, which could come out (I haven’t tried to wash this dress).

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Modeling an Edwardian Lace Dress

This entry is part 21 of 23 in the series Carondelet Historical Society Project

Here’s ZiZi modeling an Edwardian Lace Dress. I’ve posted a few untouched close ups of the dress so you can see the intricate details in the lace. It was an amazing piece and required minimal styling to bring a turn of the century mood. I especially loved her poses with the violin.

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1960s Parnes Feinstein Black Dress with attached belt – small – medium

This is such a classic early 1960s sheath dress!
It comes with the belt sewn on, and appears to buckle on the side. It zips up the back with a metal zipper.
Some dust from being stored all wadded up, and the belt could definitely use an ironing! No holes or major flaws that I found, this dress is in excellent wearable vintage condition.
It’s batwinged, so no clear shoulders- I’ve just measured where they seem to fall.
This dress is fully lined and appears to be a heavier synthetic fabric.

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