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1987 Run DMC Raising Hell Tour Tshirt – RARE

My boyfriend worked as a stagehand for this historical hip hop concert when they came thru town … and he barely remembers it (not being a hip hop fan) except that it caused alot of ruckus… he also said that these t shirts had different things printed on the backs.
YOU, or any serious fan of Run DMC will know about their infamous Raising Hell Tour.

This tshirt says:

Measured flat, it is 19 inches across the chest and 27 inches long. The Hanes tag says L 42-44
(c)1987 Run DMC is printed in small letters in red on the front.
This tshirt has barely been worn and is in excellent condition with minor lint.

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Tesla 1992 Psychotic Supper Tour Tshirt – “Local Psychotic” RARE crew tshirt

I have not seen ANY local crew tshirts from Tesla’s Psychotic Supper Tour of 1992.
My boyfriend worked this show on Friday, August 7th 1992 at the Riverport Ampitheater.
In the early days, Tesla toured with bands such as Poison, David Lee Roth, Alice Cooper, and Def Leppard.

This is a super rare tshirt. Buy it for your favorite 80s hair band fan or stagehand tshirt collector.
No holes that I could find. It’s a bit linty from being washed a few times.
The tag says it’s Large, it measures (flat) 19 inches at the chest and 26 inches long.

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Emerson Lake & Palmer Band ELP 92 Tour Local Crew TShirt

1992 was the first legitimate Emerson Lake & Palmer reunion, and they came thru St. Louis on their tour on September 29th of that year! I was unable to find any other “local crew” tshirts for sale online, so this is extra rare!

This is a slightly worn tshirt, in a size XL measuring 23 inches at the chest (not doubled) and 25 inches long. It has no holes that I could find, but is somewhat fuzzy.

This crew tshirt makes a unique gift for your favorite Emerson Lake & Palmer fan.

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Vintage David Lee Roth 1988 SkyScraper Tour t-shirt XL

This is a vintage tshirt from David Lee Roth’s SkyScraper tour which stopped in St. Louis on April 30, 1988. Skyscraper is the second full-length album by David Lee Roth (of Van Halen), released in 1988, and this was the tour to promote it!

The tag says that it’s XL. It measures 20 inches at the chest and is 28 inches long. I would say this tshirt is in barely worn condition- my boyfriend wasn’t a big fan, but stashed away this tshirt they gave him.

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VERY Rare 1987 Def Jam tour “local crew” tshirt

You are buying an extremely rare “local crew” tshirt worn by a stage hand at the 1987 DefJam tour when it stopped through St. Louis. This was THE 1987 Def Jam Tour, which featured superstar LL Cool J rollin’ with Public Enemy and Eric B. & Rakim.

My boyfriend actually worked this historic hiphop show as a stage hand and can tell stories about it… little did he know he was participating in a pivotal moment of rap history.

As you can see, this tshirt has some small holes and is a little faded and worn. However, it’s the perfect gift for any serious fan, and the “local crew” makes this tshirt more rare than any back stage pass.

Measurements, measured flat, are:
Length: 24 inches
Chest (across- not doubled): 20

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Crosby Stills & Nash Vintage Tshirt from their 1988 stop in St. Louis

This is from the Crosby Stills & Nash tour on August 26, 1988 at the Fox Theatre, in St. Louis.

I tried to capture the black-on-black logo printed on this rare 80s tshirt. In small red letters under “Nash” it reads (c) 1988 Vidiots Inc. It may have been to promote their American Dream album.

This is a Hanes Shirt, size L 42-44, and 19 inches at the chest, and 26 inches long. It was worn a few times and slightly linty but otherwise in great vintage tshirt shape.

What a unique gift for a Crosby Stills and Nash fan!

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Rare 1981 Cats Musical TShirt

My boyfriend’s parents dragged him to this Andrew Lloyd Webber classic musical show in 1981. This TShirt is in great vintage condition and barely worn.

Under the “CATS” on the front of the tshirt is TM 1981 The Really Useful Co., LTD All Rights Reserved.

Pre-owned, no holes, stains, or tears – minor fading from being washed a few times, and a bit linty from being stored with other clothes.

Measurements are 18 across at the chest and 26 inches long. The label says it’s a size Large.

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80s VanHalen crew tshirt – John Watkins Special Effects Staff Tshirt

I believe this is from the 1986 5150 tour through St. Louis, which I found that John Watkins Special Effects provided the pyrotechnics for… but it doesn’t say on the Tshirt.

This is a local concert crew shirt.
On the front it says:
“For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
John Watkins
Special Effects

On the back is the Van Halen logo in blue and red with flames, under it, the wording: “Pull your rigid organ”

This is barely worn and in excellent vintage condition.
Measurements are 20 inches across at the chest and 27 inches long. The label says it’s a size Large.

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Vintage Van Halen Crew Tshirt

I’m not sure which tour this VanHalen crew tshirt is from, but my boyfriend was most active as a St. Louis stagehand between 1982 and approximately 1992 (he’s still in the union). I’m guessing it’s from 1988, but not 100% sure.

As you can see, this tshirt is soft and worn and has a small hole in it. It measures 21 inches at the chest and is 28 inches long.

Perfect for a Van Halen fan or crew tshirt collector!

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