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Pope-Waverly Speed Mobile Advertisement

Here is the front and back of a little advertisement from 1904 by Pope-Waverly Motors for the Model No. 36 electric speedwagon. Only $850 without the top and $900 with the top. The back of the pamphlet contains the specifications for this 1904 electric car, which included a 3 horsepower motor with 17 miles per hour maximum speed – “speedwagon” my arse!

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Wills Sainte Claire, Willys Knight, and Stutz auto ads

Here are some ads for long-out of business automobile makers: Wills Saint Claire, Willys Knight, Winton, and Stutz. Stutz produced luxury automobiles, and this ad is clearly aimed towards the Edwardian mother. The Winton ad is from 1915. The Willys Knight ads appear to be from the 1920s, the model 70 was produced in 1927. I am not sure when the Whippet was produced. There are several pages of ads for Willys Knight sedans and autos. The Wills Sainte Claire ad features its Canadian Goose logo and this page contains 2 scanned ads.

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1920s Studebaker, Rauch & Lang, Pierce-Arrow, and Reo motor car advertisements

Here’s various ads for Studebaker cars from the 1920s, the Pierce-Arrow French Brougham, Rauch & Lang worm drive, and Reo 5th and 6th cars and sedans (from 1913).
I can see why the Studebaker is such a classic. The luxurious illustrated advertisement style is distinct. Well bred dogs to go with a well bred car. Stylish women. These early 1920s Studebaker ads are all about luxury.

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