Unique white lace confirmation dress with Jesus fishes

Unique white lace confirmation dress with Jesus fishes

What a cute confirmation dress or dress up dress for a teen or little girl! It obviously needs a white slip or camisole underneath, and is totally prim and perfect for a special occasion. It did NOT zip up my mannequin all the way- it’s petite!

It has 3 layers of sewn-in skirt: the underlayer, which is cotton, the shiny acetate or nylon underskirt, and the lace over-dress.

These fish need rhinestones! I’ve tried to present this dress accurately, and noticed 2 small dark spots that didn’t show up in the pictures. The sewn on green sash is coming unsewn. I didn’t notice any rips in the lace.

Taken with garment laid flat and then doubled where appropriate. Please allow enough “wiggle room” for a comfy fit.

Estimated modern size: teen
Overall Length: 36″ (lace overlay is 40′)
Bust (armpit to armpit): 30”
Waist: 24”
Hips: free”
Shoulder: 11”
Sleeves: 18″
Neck: 14′

Clipped to size S dress form: no
*Clipped to dress form means we are trying to show proper fit, or the way it would fit someone of the correct size

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