Very formal turn of the century wedding photo, and a random one or 2 from 1914

Very formal turn of the century wedding photo, and a random one or 2 from 1914
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J. Haas shot a very lovely looking portrait of a young couple, which I am guessing (but not sure) would be around 1908-ish because of her high necked long tulip flared gown and poofed sleeves. Please correct me in the comments if I’m wrong!

I am finding the backs of these old photos more informative and interesting than the people in them, mostly! The back of the formally posed young man by W. Wollensak of Milwaukee Wisconsin has two dates on it, and I would believe the 1885 date (not the 1948!).

I love the detailed art-deco frame of the baby photo that is dated 1914 on the back.

The other photo was taken by Kets Kennethy out of Washington DC…

… and … finally… a man holding a baby which is undated, but with a similar pretty border showing a little art-deco influence so maybe also from 1914ish?

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