Victorian Ads for Burpee’s Seeds, skin bleach creams, typewriters, pianos, and more

Victorian Ads for Burpee’s Seeds, skin bleach creams, typewriters, pianos, and more

I don’t think this 1892 fashion magazine is ever going to end! Here are 6 more scans, full of early 1890s Victorian advertisements.

Advertisements from these back pages include:

  • “The Pattern Cook Book” – a comprehensive work on culinary science
  • Young Ladies’ Journal
  • Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral
  • The Illustrated American
  • Burpee’s seeds (one of the few companies advertised in this fashion magazine that I know for sure is still around)
  • The Shawknit Castle Calendar for 1892
  • Magic Lanterns and Stereopticons (for parlor entertainments, education, and making money)
  • The Marchal and Smith Piano Company
  • Modene Hair Removal
  • Caligraph Typewriters
  • Cornish Organs and Pianos
  • a ladies’ watch ad
  • LaBlanche Face Powder
  • A New and Exhaustive book upon the subject of personal Beauty
  • The Enterprise Tinned Meatchopper
  • “The Correct Art of Candy Making at Home”
  • Taffy Tolu Colgan’s Gum
  • Peats Wallpaper
  • a large scissors ad
  • fragrant Sozodont
  • VanHouten’s Cocoa
  • mail order Irish point linens
  • … and more!

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