Vintage car advertisements: Apperson, Chandler, Buick, and Caddillac

Vintage car advertisements: Apperson, Chandler, Buick, and Caddillac

My boyfriend’s dad dropped off a scrapbook of pre-1950s car advertisements that someone else at the Historical Society had put together from their personal clippings. I wish he hadn’t cut up the magazines! Each old ad was carefully cut out and taped to cardboard, and put in a protective sheet, so neatly that if I couldn’t vaguely make out the wording on the other side of the paper I would have thought they were printed scans. I am guessing that these ads are from the 1920s.

Here are a few old advertisements for:

  • A Chandler ad, stating the specs of the vehicle: “Weighs 2985 pounds completely equipped. Average 16 miles or more per gallon of gasoline, 700 miles per gallon of oil, 7000 miles per set of tires. Speed, 3 to 55 miles per hour on high gear. Five and seven passenger bodies.”
  • A second Chandler Motors advertisement – they were incorporated in 1913 and bought out in 1929. This ad appears to be from the early 20s and isn’t dated.
  • a clipped Apperson car ad – 1901-1926
  • Buick – body by Fischer. Hard to estimate the date on this one.
  • A luxurious advertisement for Cadillac, “Standard of the World”

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