World War 2 advertisements

World War 2 advertisements
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Here are four more pages scanned from the 25th anniversary program of the St. Louis Municipal Opera (now known as The Muny).

The first page is a full page patriotic advertisement from St. Louis hotels belonging to the American Hotel Association, proclaiming “On the Home Front, Hotels Also Serve” and “Hotels, a Service to the Community and an Asset to the Nation”. The Statler, Mayfair, Mark Twain, Lennox, Jefferson, De Soto, Claridge, and American are proudly listed.

On the second page of these scanned pages, is an ad for Tweed Perfume by Glaser Drug Stores.

The Zodiac Cocktail Lounge and Bar at the Chase Park Hotel advertised Neil Bondshu and his Society Orchestra, Mary Raye and Naldi, Don Tannen (Russian Comedy Song Star), and “Snow White” Sensational Wizard of Tap with Bobby Swain and his “Note-ables”. Entertainment nightly with Joe Karnes and Betty Barr (satirical songs and piano styling). This was probably my favorite advertisement of these pages, because they really gave me a flavor for the type of WWII nightlife and entertainment available here in St. Louis.

On page 9 of this program were two half page ads. One was advertising “The Great Waltz” playing at the Municipal Opera in Forest Park July 12-18, 1943.

The other advertisement was to make whipped cream using ordinary 18% cream with Sagum Powder and Fluf. “Sagum aids whipping and gives extra firmness to the whipped cream”. Manufactured by Hipolite Products Company at 4457 Ashland Ave, St. Louis MO.

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