1935 Summer Dress Fashions

1935 Summer Dress Fashions
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Here are some summer dress fashions from the 1935 Chicago Mail Order Catalog, including two full color pages. These old fashion catalog scans are lovely illustrations of the 1930s silhouette and dress lines. I scanned the whole layout, too, so you can get the full effect of the illustrations. “Look as sweet as you are” the sepia toned ad with the blonde in a polka dot dress reads.

Swanky Seersucker 3 Piece outfits…

Fast color standard quality summer cottons. “Fashions Newest” (for 66 cents!). “Tahiti Lawn- that romantic south sea adaptation – extra long length” gowns. “Sweet and Lovely, Style Queen Values are Unbeatable”.

I love the romantic way these 1930s ads read!

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