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1880s tea gown and going away outfit

This entry is part 1 of 23 in the series Carondelet Historical Society Project

I almost forgot that I took these 1800s styled photos, back in 2012. The first dress is an 1880s-ish tea gown, and it was fun enough to take pictures of… but the second dress, with the attached note saying that it was Miss Meroe’s “Going Away Dress”… was just incredible! I wish we’d had a proper corset, but luckily my model Tiffany was petite enough to fit into it….

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Pinup model with a green vintage car

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Here are the last of the unposted pics from my retro styled photo shoot with pinup model Rebekah Leigh a few years ago. She’s wearing her own vintage wardrobe and posed next to a green vintage Chevrolet. Although these photos are retro inspired, they could easily be modern fashion.

When more than one person is photographing a model at the same time, it is always difficult to get great photos. If the photographers are at different angles, the model doesn’t know who to pose for, and if the photographers are shooting close to each other, they end up with very similar images. It was very challenging to shoot any model in this situation.

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Pinup pics of June Ann with 2 vintage cars, a black Bel Aire and a green Chevrolet

Here are more never posted pinup and retro styled pics with vintage cars from my shoot a few years ago with St. Louis model June Ann. She wore her own vintage inspired wardrobe and did her own pinup styled makeup and hair. I am awful at identifying cars and car years, except what I can read on the side of a car, so feel free to comment what kinds of cars she’s posed with 🙂

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June Ann and The Red Vintage Car pt 2

Sometimes when editing good pinup pictures, or photos that I think are pretty good, my eyes and judgement start to glaze over. I end up thinking that self-similar images are equally good, so show those also. I also never know what people are going to like, and if I like two pictures just the same, may as well post them!

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Rebekah Liegh Pinup Pics

The red skirt, shoes, and matching blouse and accessories in these pinup pictures really pops against the drab background. St. Louis pinup model Rebekah Leigh is wearing her own wardrobe and did her own hair and makeup. This set is from a few years ago, and I realized that I never posted any of these pictures…

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Modeling an Edwardian Lace Dress

This entry is part 21 of 23 in the series Carondelet Historical Society Project

Here’s ZiZi modeling an Edwardian Lace Dress. I’ve posted a few untouched close ups of the dress so you can see the intricate details in the lace. It was an amazing piece and required minimal styling to bring a turn of the century mood. I especially loved her poses with the violin.

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I just can’t stay away from vintage photography

For TOO LONG I did my retro photography as ReverieRevel, and sold vintage as VintageReveries, which was not the best idea as far as branding and marketing goes. There were lots of things wrong with doing retro photography as ReverieRevel: Mainly it was stupid to split it from my vintage clothing and fashions, considering that retro styling and photography so obviously compliments vintage fashion.

To showcase my old and my new work, all of which is pretty awesome, I’ll be posting more blog entries and pictures! So that I don’t post everything all at once, over the next few months I am scheduling some blog entries with galleries of my notable, but not quite portfolio worthy, self-styled retro photoshoots since 2011.

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Check out my Etsy Shop for everything, as I continue to fine tune

I’ve decided to change things around, and re-focus this site on my vintage blog and on writing more about some of the fabulous finds that I post on my Etsy shop. I’ll only be posting higher end, and personal favorite, vintage items in my shop on this site (and ofcourse ephemera as I scan or photograph it).

The practical reason is that for a twenty five dollar dress, it takes an extra 15-20 minutes to upload the images to this site as well as to Etsy. That time adds up, and I could be listing even more, or marketing, or writing a fun blog entry or scanning more ephemera! There’s currently no way to import Etsy listings into this ecommerce system 🙁

With that hour or two that I save every few listings, I’m going to be blogging and writing more personally here. 2013 has brought me many personal changes, the most notable being a healthy dose of getting fed up!

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Vintage Illustration Sites

I went to see if one of my favorite scanned book sites from the early 2000s was up, and I was so please to find it updated but still offering high resolution downloads of illustrations from old books. The site is, appropriately, From there, I surfed on to, and their incredibly useful resources page… which only led me down a terribly meandering path of looking at illustrations from the 1700s-late 1900s… I ultimately remembered that I have a flickr account, and clicked over to an old favorite vintage advertisement poster’s photostream: Paul Malon

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