Six 1920s Chrysler car advertisements

Six 1920s Chrysler car advertisements
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Here are 6 pages of illustrated Chrysler automobile advertisement scans from the late 1920s.

“AT LAST – The Modern Car Style for the Modern Age”, one of the ad pages for the Chrysler 75-65 proclaims.

These are illustrated ads with prices and descriptions for 1920s Chrysler car models including:

  • Chrysler 75 – Sport Phaeton $1795
  • Chrysler 75-65
  • Chrysler 70
  • Chrysler 52 Deluxe Coupe – $720
  • Chrysler 72 Sport Roadster (with rumble seat) – $1595
  • Chrysler Imperal 80 – Town Sedan – $2995
  • Chrysler Six

They’re pages out of an old man’s scrap book that my boyfriend’s dad loaned me. It’s too bad that he cut and clipped so close around the cars!



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