Early 1900s electric trucks advertisements

Here are 2 pages of ads for electric trucks from the early 1900s that were in that scrap book that my boyfriend’s dad dropped off a few weeks ago. I am guessing these are from the late teens or early 1920s? In the Detroit Electric Car ad, it looks like Santa Clause is sitting in the vehicle!

Vintage car advertisements: Apperson, Chandler, Buick, and Caddillac

Early 1900s car advertisements for Chandler Motors, Cadillac, Buick, and Apperson. Illustrated with details about the Chandler automobile.

A Gibson Pillow Pyography pattern ad and other Misc Gibson Ads and Ephemera

Advertisement for a Gibson Girl pyography pillow. This ad promises to send the buyer a Naan Plush Pillow Top in gold, tan, or light green, stamped with the Gibson girl design shown and ready for burning! This also has a special offer for a pyography kit for only $1.65.

Cartoons by Charles D. Gibson

Did you know that Charles Dana Gibson drew characterchures and cartoons? From these sketches, it seems that he was quite the observer of every day life in Victorian and Edwardian America.

The future of the pinup model

Where was modeling going in the 1950s, and what would future fashion trends hold? The main point of this article seemed to point out the sheer diversity of pinup models and beautiful women. An interesting picture was one of Rita Hayworth without makeup, and then made up. One of her movies, “An Affair in Trinidad”, was chosen by the National Photographers Association as “the sexiest and most provocative motion picture still ever made”.

Early 1900s Summer Fashion Illustrations

Early 1900s Summer Fashion Illustrations

This entry is part 14 of 14 in the series The Modern Priscilla - July 1913

These fashion illustrations show what women wore in 1913, and what was in style. Apparently, embroideries were the rule, and placed where there was the smallest excuse for them. This illustration shows three fashionable early 1900s women and a little girl. On the right side is an advertisement for a Venus adjustable dress form. The text includes detailed descriptions and how to order the dress patterns to make the fashions the models illustrated are wearing.

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Vintage Illustration Sites

Vintage Illustration Sites

I went to see if one of my favorite scanned book sites from the early 2000s was up, and I was so please to find it updated but still offering high resolution downloads of illustrations from old books. The site is, appropriately, FromOldBooks.org. From there, I surfed on to OldBookIllustrations.com, and their incredibly useful resources page… which only led me down a terribly meandering path of looking at illustrations from the 1700s-late 1900s… I ultimately remembered that I have a flickr account, and clicked over to an old favorite vintage advertisement poster’s photostream: Paul Malon

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