1800s Winter Outfit – modern vintage photography

Here are quite alot of pictures of a the full length 1890s velvet cloak, bonnet, and rabbit fur hand muff that I mostly didn't post in my photography portfolio. They aren't necessarily "amazing" photos, but they demonstrate the fit and finer details of the black...

Old Hollywood Style Portraits with Anita

These hats belonged to the Carondelet Historical Society. The pink dress was from the 1980s and we got it for $2 at the thrift shop next door. The green cloak she’s wearing is from the 1920s.This mixed wardrobe was perfect inspiration for some very emotive, classic, portraits.

St. Louis Fashion Advertisements from 1924

St. Louis Fashion Advertisements from 1924

This entry is part 4 of 26 in the series 1924 St. Louis Fashion Pageant

Here’s the cover and first few pages of the August 1924 issue of the St. Louis Fashion Pageant, a local society and fashion magazine. This whole issue is filled with fashion illustrations and fashion photography from the mid-1920s…. flapper girls and cars! The roaring 20s were well underway, even in the slower paced midwest, and St. Louis was a major city.

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