9 Vintage Baby Shower Cards from the 1960s

This expectant mother must have had a heck of a party in the heat of that August of 1962! This was the baby shower for her first child, and I think it was the first grandchild on either side. It’s always extra special to be first (speaking as the eldest child). Here are 9 different vintage baby shower cards from 1962. I love the gentle, cute, illustrations… and, ofcourse, the rhymes inside!

Last of the 1930s family photos – children and babies

I love these cute pictures of children and babies, from the 1930s! It looks like they turned one of the infants pictures into a post card, and I’ve scanned the front and back of it. I’m finished scanning this album… and not sure if I want to scan another Modern Priscilla issue, or the 1922 St. Louis Fashion Pageant magazine… Thoughts?

1930s nun and family photos

Here are some album pictures from the 1930s... it's a mix of family photos, children, and Catholic nuns. It looks like dress and hat styles varied, and the distinctive mark was the short waved hair and side part on the women. I think this family was pretty middle...

1930s family and children photos

Here are some family and children photos from around 1938 (according to the date on the pics).... The children are wearing cute white pressed collars and simple clothing! It's interesting to see the women wearing cloche-like turbans, showing that the fashion changes...

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