Pinup Photography at Carondelet Park

It was a perfect day! Dixie changed into another retro styled dress, I brought out the old 1950s camera as a prop, and off to the park we went to shoot even more pinup and retro!

Icecream cone high heels pinup PhotoShoot

I had such fun shooting Dixie in her vintage pink dress and home made ice-cream cone high heels. Dixie Dupree is a pinup model here in St. Louis, and we shot these pics for her modeling portfolio.

St. Louis Photography Workshop 2013 – an exclusive Retro themed Shoot Out

How often does a professional high end vintage car restoration company allow photographers to shoot beautiful gals with custom and vintage cars, without it being a car show or public event? This event is for photographers of all skills and levels. If you're a newbie,...
Pinup models on a South Pacific Set

Pinup models on a South Pacific Set

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This cute, humorous, cheesecake pinup photography set features pinup model Amy Mooney (Shooby Duwop) posing with a classic red car against a vintage beach backdrop. It looks like she’s on set of a 1950s beach flick! Later, pinup model Amy W. joins in, and they pretend that they’re lost on the way to the real beach (it does not help that they’re in Missouri, reading the map upside down).

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