1920s old car and family photos

This old family photo with the art deco border stamped August 20, 1927 on the back, is one of my favorite pictures so far. I wish I knew the story behind it, but I can imagine on the expressions of the people around this old Model T. The old woman looks absolutely...

1960s Hermits Rest Photos, Native American Indian dance, and random

These are photos from a box of Kodachrome slides labeled "Jan 7 61". I imagine that she must have taken a road trip across the western USA, stopping to see friends along the way... One of these slides is clearly from "Hermit's Rest", which is a structure built in 1914...
Vintage Illustration Sites

Vintage Illustration Sites

I went to see if one of my favorite scanned book sites from the early 2000s was up, and I was so please to find it updated but still offering high resolution downloads of illustrations from old books. The site is, appropriately, FromOldBooks.org. From there, I surfed on to OldBookIllustrations.com, and their incredibly useful resources page… which only led me down a terribly meandering path of looking at illustrations from the 1700s-late 1900s… I ultimately remembered that I have a flickr account, and clicked over to an old favorite vintage advertisement poster’s photostream: Paul Malon

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