Recap of my vintage sale 2012

Recap of my vintage sale 2012

Whew! I was so busy last week that I forgot to announce my vintage clothing and estate sale here on my site! That’s why you should really sign up for my newsletter, especially if you’re in the St. Louis area.

It was SUCH a blast!  I wasn’t expecting much, and was SO excited to get to catch up with old friends from my email list, to put faces to names from people who found out thru FaceBook, make some cool friends from the ad on Craigslist, and meet neighbors who saw the street signs.

My boyfriend, Ron, and his business partner let me have about half of the warehouse to set up my vintage clothing for sale in, and the other half they took up with their vintage for sale. Ron had a bunch of 1980s technology and miscellaneous household items. Ray had comics and sci-fi magazines from the late 1970s and early 1980s. It was a really good mix of treasures for sale, with something for everyone!

Having a sale was the perfect motivator to finally go thru all my vintage clothing, categorize it, and get organized. I didn’t quite know what I had, exactly, since I picked most of it out back in February from a dark cold warehouse.

Between re-organizing this site, deciding to focus my career on website design, and my broader accomplishment lately of narrowing my focus from (literally) everything to only about 10-15 interests… I’m getting rid of my lower end clothing for pretty much what I paid for it, especially if you can come to my studio and buy more than 5 pieces at a time. I’m going to be marking down the lower-end items in my online shop, and selling lots on eBay later this week or next.

I’m still going to sell the higher end, with a focus on 1800s-1950s styles, and vintage formals from all decades. I love taking pictures of models in vintage and modern formalwear. I love costumes. The more over the top, decadent, and extravagant, the better! My favorite decade is the 1930s (ala classic “Old Hollywood”), so for personal fun, I’m collecting and selling 1930s fashions and items. 

I was able to go thru the boxes of vintage clothing that I have, and set aside about 1/3 of it (or around 200-300 dresses) as items that I want to list on Etsy. The rest, I am going to sell at a discount.

It’s a huge weight off, literally and mentally.

So stay tuned!

Below are pics I shot from my cell phone at the sale. I am secretly glad that the vintage Ironrite Ironing machine and that the 1880s sewing machine didn’t sell 🙂  I am still exhausted from all my hard work the past few days!



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