The A B C Book of Birds

The A B C Book of Birds
The ABC Book of Birds was published in 1916 by Stecher Lith CO (Rochester NY) with drawings by Will. F. Stecher and verse by Carolyn S. Hodgman. This turn of the century children’s alphabet book contains illustrations and descriptions of 27 birds from all over the world including parrots, poultry and songbirds.The catchy prose and turn of phrase reads like my grandmother’s voice, and I’m sure the colorful illustrations of birds captivated young children and hopefully helped them learn the alphabet.I scanned this old book in 2016 (accidentally had the corner bent over the page with the mourning dove) just before I finally totally burned out, and never posted here. It was never in great condition, and obviously much loved in its previous home Download this book in high resolution (unwatermarked) here:

Buy each of these birds as its own print, perfect for a child’s playroom as the entire alphabet or as classic wall art.  I’ve done the Photoshop work to separate out each bird for 27 unique print creations. 

The verse about birds goes:

A is for ALBATROSSStrong wings has he,Following ships as theySail o’er the seaB is for the famed BIRD OF PARADISE rare –Beautiful creatureWhose plumesWomen wear.C for the COCKATOOwith its queer crest,Just like the Indian’swar-bonnet best.D for the DODO,no more shall we meet,See his hooked bill,and his short wings and feet!E for the EAGLE, our emblem of might,Seeking his prey ashe soars in his flight.F for FLAMINGOweb-footed and red,Long as his legs, fitfor swamps wherehe’s bred.G for GOLDFINCH, with blackand white wings,Yellow his coat, and quitesweetly he sings.H for the HERON, which wadesin the stream,Neck as long asits legs, it would seem.I for IBIS,this cane, so we’re told,Sacred was held byEgyptians of old.Jay is for JAY,such a chatter sad;blue is the plumagein which he is clad.K for KINGFISHER,which serves to its brood,fish which it catcheseach day for its food.L for the LYRE BIRD,a mimic so sharp,Stately he stands,with a tail like a harp.M is for MACAW, withits harsh grating shriek,Gorgeous its color, and funny its beak.N is for NIGHTINGALE, little and brown,Singing his lay when the sunhas gone down.O is for OWL,Who is dazed by the light,Daytime he sleeps, but he hunts in the night.P is for PELICAN – look at his beak! –Storehouse for fish whichhe scoops from the creek.Q shows us hereA Quaint little QUAIL,brown and quite speckledAnd with a blunt tail.R for the ROBIN,the bird we know best,Coming in Springtime,with his cheery red vest.S for the SWALLOW,who dips thro the air,Building clay-nests ‘netthe caves everywhere.T for the TANAGER,scarlet in hue,Also TOUCAN, which isbright-colored too.U for UMBRELLA BIRD,flute-like his call,Feathers it bearslike an old parasol.V for the VULTURE,a carrion crow,Ugly to look at, thisscavenger low.W for WOODPECKER,tapper of trees. Insects andBugs seem his taste best to please.X is for XEMA, from lands to the snow,far to the Northfor this gull we must go.Y is for YELLOW-THROAT,shrub are its home,Calling “Which-way-sir?”

to those who may roam.Z for SENAIDURA or Mourning Dove.

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