The Language of Fashion: Fashion Dictionary scans Blouses thru Caps

The Language of Fashion: Fashion Dictionary scans Blouses thru Caps
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The illustrated “blouses” section was pretty interesting, especially since I sell vintage clothes. It’s nice to have precise definitions, general illustrations on how the garment was worn, and approximate dates for when the look was fashionable!

I admit, I’m reading this fashion dictionary fully while I scan it.

Also illustrated in this set of scans:

  • boyish bobs
  • Irene Castle bob (since this book was published in 1939, just barely as World War II was starting, it mentions that she was popular before The World War – referring to World War I).
  • 19th century basque bodice
  • Bonnets: 1865, Cabriolet Bonnet 1810, 19th century coal scuttle bonnet, 1846 poke bonnet, Salvation Army Bonnet (adaptation 1938), mid-19th century slat bonnet,  and early 19th century sun bonnet.
  • Boots: 1625, early Greek buskins, 17th century French fall boots, Cavalier boots 1625, Top boots 1789…
  • Bouffant skirt 1930s
  • 4 different types of braids
  • 20th Century Bretelles
  • Brother and Sister clothes
  • 18th century bouffant
  • Bust extender 1909
  • Bust forms 1938
  • 19th century bustle silhouette
  • Cabochon shapes, buckram

Whew- that is quite a lot!

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