Types of Blouses and More from The Language of Fashion, a Fashion Dictionary (Blouses thru Caps)

Types of Blouses and More from The Language of Fashion, a Fashion Dictionary (Blouses thru Caps)
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The illustrated “blouses” section was pretty interesting, especially since I sell vintage clothes that include different types of blouses. It’s nice to have precise definitions, general illustrations on how the garment was worn, and approximate dates for when the look was fashionable! This helps me with identifying and pricing, and also with writing accurate vintage clothing product descriptions.

I admit, I’m reading this fashion dictionary fully while I scan it.

Also illustrated in this set of scans:

  • boyish bobs
  • Irene Castle bob (since this book was published in 1939, just barely as World War II was starting, it mentions that she was popular before The World War – referring to World War I).
  • 19th century basque bodice
  • Bonnets: 1865, Cabriolet Bonnet 1810, 19th century coal scuttle bonnet, 1846 poke bonnet, Salvation Army Bonnet (adaptation 1938), mid-19th century slat bonnet,  and early 19th century sun bonnet.
  • Boots: 1625, early Greek buskins, 17th century French fall boots, Cavalier boots 1625, Top boots 1789…
  • Bouffant skirt 1930s
  • 4 different types of braids
  • 20th Century Bretelles
  • Brother and Sister clothes
  • 18th century bouffant
  • Bust extender 1909
  • Bust forms 1938
  • 19th century bustle silhouette
  • Cabochon shapes, buckram

Whew- that is quite a lot!

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