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I just can’t stay away from vintage photography

For TOO LONG I did my retro photography as ReverieRevel, and sold vintage as VintageReveries, which was not the best idea as far as branding and marketing goes. There were lots of things wrong with doing retro photography as ReverieRevel: Mainly it was stupid to split it from my vintage clothing and fashions, considering that retro styling and photography so obviously compliments vintage fashion.

To showcase my old and my new work, all of which is pretty awesome, I’ll be posting more blog entries and pictures! So that I don’t post everything all at once, over the next few months I am scheduling some blog entries with galleries of my notable, but not quite portfolio worthy, self-styled retro photoshoots since 2011.

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Check out my Etsy Shop for everything, as I continue to fine tune

I’ve decided to change things around, and re-focus this site on my vintage blog and on writing more about some of the fabulous finds that I post on my Etsy shop. I’ll only be posting higher end, and personal favorite, vintage items in my shop on this site (and ofcourse ephemera as I scan or photograph it).

The practical reason is that for a twenty five dollar dress, it takes an extra 15-20 minutes to upload the images to this site as well as to Etsy. That time adds up, and I could be listing even more, or marketing, or writing a fun blog entry or scanning more ephemera! There’s currently no way to import Etsy listings into this ecommerce system 🙁

With that hour or two that I save every few listings, I’m going to be blogging and writing more personally here. 2013 has brought me many personal changes, the most notable being a healthy dose of getting fed up!

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