Vintage Styling Service

I can help you pull off any kind of look on any kind of budget, in vintage or modern clothes. 

As a vintage stylist, I’m knowledgeable about different fashion trends and historical periods. I also have a great eye for what fits and is flattering for different body shapes. I love tying in makeup and hair styles, and can communicate your vision to the makeup and hair artists. I can also do very basic retro makeup and hair myself (although I am NOT professionally trained).

If you just need some cool wardrobe to help pull together your vision, or if you need full creative direction, you need me. 

My rates* as a stylist are:

  1. $60 per hour
  2. $180 for up to 4 hours (half day)
  3. $360 for a day of up to 8 hours

These rates include:

  • My guidance and expertise on what to wear and what accessories to use
  • Use of nearly all my available vintage wardrobe and accessories for ONE person. Add $60 per additional person that wardrobe is needed for. **
  • Wear’n’tear on wardrobe and accessories used.
  • My time, talent, and expertise.
  • Miscellany: basic retro makeup, limited hair
  • Free fitting and consultation for day and half day gigs.

* Additional pre-payment to purchase any special wardrobe items and accessories is required. 

** Please let me know your measurements when booking, so that I can make sure that I have the wardrobe available. Here’s a great guide on how to measure youself for vintage clothing.

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Special Collections:

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