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Me with my two cockatoos. Sometimes, I create art from the scans I make and modern photos I take.

Welcome to VintageReveries! This is where I’m selling from my personal collection of vintage fashions, ephemera, and other things… as well as scans of ephemera that I post in the blog.

I love nothing better than a good bargain, except taking pictures of exceptional fashions and creating art. I’m more addicted to buying, than I am to hoarding, so I find myself with a large number of things to get rid of.

Professionally, I design WordPress blogs and websites as KMurrayCreative, and I often subcontract my professional services to other businesses.

I previously did photography as ReverieRevel/ReverieGlam, and decided to combine my retro & vintage styling and photography with this site and under this brand, VintageReveries. I was too scattered! I used to have a photography studio and formerly pursued it much more intensively and professionally. In 2015, I decided that personal photography is not for me, for many reasons. I love creating art and working on my own projects, so I’ll probably get back into it in the future.

My past-times include my three companion cockatoos, Boo who I’ve had since 2000, reading Wikipedia, and exploring the Internet.

My Vintage Styled Photography:

My work has been exhibited numerous times. Highlights include:

  • April 2014 exhibit at The 3rd Degree Glass Factory
  • Summer 2012 Carondelet Historical Society solo exhibit


My Vintage Story:

I became fascinated with other peoples’ old stuff and everything “vintage” in 2009 after losing everything I owned, including all my pictures and family heirlooms, in an apartment theft from which none of my personal belongings were ever recovered.

On my path towards emotional recovery, I started volunteering for the Carondelet Historical Society. My boyfriend noticed my gift for photography, and I was given the privilege of “visually preserving” and documenting their clothing collection. This visually preserves and digitally documents their collection of vintage hats, dresses, coats, skirts… that, being made of fabric, decay over time.

One connection led to another, as I researched history and got more involved with vintage styled photography and creating my art. I found myself finding bargains at garage sales and thrift shops, and I bartered with a vintage retailer in exchange for many of the clothes I’m selling.

My blog of ephemera includes slides, magazines, books, and other miscellany that I’ve bought (or borrowed) and scanned. Presumably, everyone in them is of another era and has passed away.

Late at night, on my iPad, you’ll find me reading articles on the history of fashion and planning vintage inspired photo shoots.

I realize that there is so much more to learn, so please correct me in the comments if I’ve accidentally stated anything inaccurate!

You can learn more about my website design and business services on KMurrayCreative.com


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