WWII WAC Uniform on Zizi

WWII WAC Uniform on Zizi

Zizi V. totally owned the WWII WAC uniform. She was my third and last model to wear it. My first retro shoot with Anita had all the awkwardness of a first-time (everything), which made for very authentic emotions. With this third shoot in the WAC uniform, I was more confident and explored beyond the studio to the front room and outdoors (where the natural light was perfect). We played more with the set, even in the studio, and the pictures just turned out different. I think that the outdoor and natural light photos turned out looking like 1940s era snapshots and candids.

We tried to get the makeup 1940s picture perfect, and she even wore stockings and garters under her skirt, for a very realistic look.

I’ve re-edited these from 2011, because I prefer my newer and more minimalistic style of editing (just a slight Kodachrome effect, or Kodak Portra film effect on the black and white photos). I find the colors and styling speaks for itsself more, with less editing.

It was very hard to choose my favorites from this set.

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