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Early 1900s drugstore photos

I have no idea what South St. Louis pharmacy or drugstore is pictured here, but these pictures that I scanned are fascinating! You can see all the glass bottles and vials of medicine neatly on shelves behind the counter, and signs saying: “Frog in your throat? 10 cents – the Greatest Cough ??? on Earth”, Adams Black Jack Gum, Humphrey’s Specifics, Abbey’s ?? Salt… and more.

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Civil War or Spanish War Veterans

These pictures were labeled “Civil War or Spanish War Veterans”. They’re actually slides from the 1960s, when someone had tried to copy or preserve the originals. Pretty interesting to see the elderly soldiers standing in formation. I wonder what event this was for?

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Turn of the century firefighter pictures

Here are pictures of firemen, a hose cart, and the Carondelet Heights Fire Association at the turn of the century.It looks like they’re showing off the new fire hose cart and maybe the fire hose, since the men are posed holding the hose unwound, on ladders against the next door building. The fire fighters are also shown acting like they’re pulling the fire cart, and there are no horses.

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Old Sinclair Gas Station Photos

I think that these photos of a Sinclair Gas Station are from the late 1930s. Gas was only 18 cents! There are signs on the shop for “tire vulcanizing”, Sinclair Gasoline, auto storage (cost $1 for a week), and inside I can make out an ad for Ponds skin cream. It appears that there was a car wash behind the building, or maybe that’s a picture of a different building.

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A bakery shop in 1917

These pictures of a bakery shop had the note “c. 1917 or 1918” and the names of the husband and wife who owned it.  I think it’s interesting to see how bakery shops were arranged, and there are pictures of the racks and “behind the counter” at this shop.

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Early 1900s St. Louis Photos

These were in a mixed album of early 1900s St. Louis photos that I scanned. One of these shows the civil courts building under construction, with just the steel beams up, which was completed in 1930 (so this picture would have been c. 1929). Another old photo is dated 1910 and appears to be a group photo of men in the Teamsters Union.

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Pictures from the 1927 St. Louis Tornado

Here is evidence in pictures of the destruction wrought by the huge tornado that devastated parts of downtown St. Louis on September 29, 1927. These pictures of the tornado damage were taken at approximately 1:15pm, and are the property of the Carondelet Historical Society (who kindly let me scan and post them here).

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Last of the 1930s family photos

I love these cute pictures of children and babies, from the 1930s! It looks like they turned one of the infants pictures into a post card, and I’ve scanned the front and back of it. I’m finished scanning this album… and not sure if I want to scan another Modern Priscilla issue, or the 1922 St. Louis Fashion Pageant magazine… Thoughts?

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