St. Louis Turn of the Century Family Photography

St. Louis Turn of the Century Family Photography

I wish I could date this un-credited photo of a worried young soldier... was it the 1890s, or earlier? I also can’t date the un-credited family photo, which is fading.

Here is an interesting scan of a very proper young man, by When, and I also scanned the back of it. I think that Block and Greenburg at 1225 Franklin Avenue is a new studio to my scanning. It looks as if he either shot the same girl twice, maybe at different times, or two sisters. I honestly can’t tell.

J. Haas was a prolific and consistently quality photographer, and I love Setzer’s backdrop. Hammety of 1534 S. Broadway took a lovely first communion photo of a girl in a white dress, veil, and bible. If you look closely, you can see the rosary hanging from her waist.

The other photo that grips me is this one of an old woman, by Orla Studio of Festus MO. She looks very feisty and slightly deranged!

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