Lyrics to 1930s songs pt 1

Lyrics to 1930s songs pt 1
This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Popular Songs Magazine: October 1935

I wish that I could find more audio recordings to go with these 1930s song lyrics from Popular Songs Magazine: October 1935, but no luck 🙁 This page of lyrics, in particular, I wonder how the music to them sounded. How quickly that way of life was lost!


(By Lee David. Jimmy Covanaugh
and John Redmond)

What a lovely picture,
Unfolds itself to me,
I’m looking thru my window,
And what do you think I see:
There’s a girl in the garden,
There’s a boy at the gate,
The boy at the gate,
Wants to get inside,
But the girl in the garden,
Won’t open up the gate,
So the boy at the gate’s gotta wait.
The girl in the garden,
Went to pick pretty flow’rs,
The boy at the gate,
Waited hours and hours,
‘But the girl in the garden,
Wouldn’t open up the gate,
So the boy at the gate had to wait.
A little bluebird came,
And whispered in her ear,
“Now that’s a downright shame,
He loves you so, my dear”,
The girl in the garden,
Fin’lly got to the gate,
The boy at the gate,
Took the gate, didn’t wait,
Now the boy is sighing,
And the girl is crying,
Cause she got to th ate too late.

1930s pop song lyrics
Everybody always swings whenever anybody sings
Jane of the Pickens Sisters


(By Billy Mayhew)

You know it’s a sin to tell a lie,
Still you keep saying, “I love you”;
It may be true,
I wish I knew.
But I’m giving fair warning to you:
Be sure it’s true
When you say “I love you,”
It’s a sin to tell a lie.
Millions of_ hearts
Have been broken,
Just because these words were
I love you, yes I do, I love you,
If you break my heart I’ll die.
So be sure it’s- true
Nhen you say “I love you,”
It’s a sin to tell, a lie.


(By Ed East and Lindsay McPhail)

What’s this I hear?
What’s this I hear?
Something new?
Can’t be true!
E’v’ry one you meet,
Says it’s all the rage,
Here and there, everywhere,
It’s a new sensation;
Just a funny little waltz,
With a naughty syncopation,
It’s the:
Swing .1 waltz,
Just a new waltz in blue,
Ev’ryone’s dancing the Swing waltz,
There’s romance when we dance,
Rhythm , so entrancing,
Hum the tune as we sway,
Hum your troubles away,

Swing to the new creation,
That captured, enraptured a nation,
The swing waltz,

All the ’debs, big celebs’ 7
Seem to want to swing time,
Like springtime,
It will lead to romance,
And to-night at the dance,
The swing waltz “will find you in my


(By B. Musicant, T. Gindharl,
E. P. Lu Freniere) .
Blue illusion,
Pardon this rude intrusion,
Why did you start,
By thrilling my heart,
In playing the part of love?
Blue illusion,
Why did you bring confusion? i
Why must you stay,
While love tries a way,
To brighten the gray above,
My hopes were high,
My heart couldn’t wait, I
That love couldn’t die, 1
It seemed my fate! 5
But love went past,
Your spell was fast,
I beg you to depart, j
For youth can’t last,

Blue illusion
Why bring a sad conclusion,
Take wings of flight,

Back into the night,
And give me the right to love.


(By Billy Hill)

Planes in the air,

To fly me anywhere,

Ships on the sea,

To carry me away from you,

But no matter where I go, I’m blue:


The scene changes,

I’m in a park in Paris,

But it’s so dark in Paris,

Because I’m away from you.

The scene changes,

I’m in a lane in London,

But there is rain in London,

Because I’m away from you.

I’ve been a fool to run away,

To say that I’ve done away with love,

Altho’ the earth should swallow me,

Your face would follow me forever.

The scene changes,

My ship at last is homebound,

I’ll travel fast,

For I’ve found

I’ll always” belong to you.


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