Early 1900s HOUSEKEEPING ADVICE and advertisements

Early 1900s HOUSEKEEPING ADVICE and advertisements
This entry is part 8 of 14 in the series The Modern Priscilla - July 1913

These next few pages are a miscellany of advertisements and pithy articles from the July 1913 issue of the Modern Priscilla magazine for women in the early 1900s. These magazine advertisements feature another adjustable dress form advertisement, perfume advertisement, Blue-jay corn plasters ad, an advertisement for The AlbeMarle-Hoffman Hotel overlooking Madison Square in NYC (“a good room at $1.50 per day, and a good room with a bath for $2 per day “- imagine paying that in NYC nowadays!).

The “Everyday Housekeeping” column’s theme this month was tips about how to entertain on a porch in the summer. This covered table settings (with lace table cloths), floral arrangements, an idea for a sandwich with “Japanese salad filling”, and ways to serve cofee.

The last pages included tips for making embroidered collars and crocheted accessories article continued.

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