How the term cheesecake pinup originated

How the term cheesecake pinup originated
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How did the term “cheesecake” pinup originate? According to this 1950s magazine: “... A New York news photographer once asked a woman to lift her skirt ever so slightly to make a better picture. The beautiful woman complied. When the editor, something of a gourmet, saw the picture on his desk, he exclaimed ‘Why, this is better than cheesecake!'”

The photograph that this captions, is claimed to be the first “cheesecake” photo published in the American press, by photographer George Miller, and shot in 1915 of Elvira Amazar, “a Russian Diva”.

Thus begins this first article about the American Pinup, starting with a history of the origins of pinup… on the last page of this series of scans is an illustration of a beautiful woman in the 1820s, used in a shop sign.

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