History of the influence of burlesque on pinup

History of the influence of burlesque on pinup
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Along with World War I and World War II, Burlesque has influenced the continuing history of pinups. Famous pinup stars have come from the world of burlesque since the 1800s. Notably, Ida Bayton’s white violin act in “The Taxi Girls” in 1914, and Lili St. Cyr’s bubble bath striptease that helped land her in 3D movies.

It’s ironic that both Bayton and St. Cyr have faded into obscurity, almost 60 years later. I can’t find any reference to which 3D movies  Lili St. Cyr was in, nor can I find any biographies of Ida Bayton (just mentions in old newspaper clippings on Google).

Enjoy these now-obscure pieces and pictures of pinup history:

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