CheeseCake – An American Phenomenon

CheeseCake – An American Phenomenon

“CheeseCake – An American Phenomenon. A Pictorial report on the impact of the female form from September Morn to Marilyn Monroe”

This was the most amazing 1950s magazine to photograph and digitally preserve! Is this Marilyn Monroe on the cover? I asked if I could take a few extra product shots, off the clock. I wish I could have bought this vintage pinup magazine for myself! It’s dated 1953. It was basically a pinup history magazine, written during what many people now consider the height of “cheesecake pinup”, a history of the origins of pinup that include influences of feminism, burlesque, World War I, World War II, and everything else.

The Table of Contents is titillating and includes:

Here is the cover, inside cover, and table of contents.

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