CheeseCake – An American Phenomenon

CheeseCake – An American Phenomenon
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CheeseCake – An American Phenomenon. A Pictorial report on the impact of the female form from September Morn to Marilyn Monroe

This was the most amazing 1950s magazine to photograph and digitally preserve! Is this Marilyn Monroe on the cover? I asked if I could take a few extra product shots, off the clock. I wish I could have bought this vintage pinup magazine for myself! It’s dated 1953.

The Table of Contents is titillating and includes:

  • The Cake that Needs No Frosting
  • To Man, Woman is Basically Funny
  • Stereos Started Film Cheesecake
  • The Bust Line May Be Best Line in TV
  • Politicians reshaped the female form
  • Women in Uniform from 1781 to 1954
  • The “Pinup Girls” and how they grew
  • Cheesecake, the super saleswoman
  • The female form at play
  • On Campus
  • Contests Make Beauty Big Business
  • The cover girl: old device revamped
  • Each day a press agent crowns a queen
  • Shapes of things to come: 10,000 models
  • The basic ingredients of cheesecake
  • Cheesecake spoils with overexposure

Here is the cover, inside cover, and table of contents.

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